Vahan Mardirossian’s considerable conducting experience and the prestigious positions he has had these last years as Principal conductor of the Caen Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia (NCOA), and more recently Principal conductor of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, will add value to the dynamic he will create during the coming seasons of the orchestra.

Frank Braley salutes his successor’s appointment: “When I arrived in 2014, for the first time in ORCW’s history, a pianist was named Music Director after so many brilliant string musicians in charge. I am pleased to pass the baton to a pianist colleague whom I hold in high esteem.  I am convinced that Vahan Mardirossian’s experience at the helm of chamber and symphony orchestras, as well as his talents for conducting unanimously appreciated by ORCW musicians, will be the source of great achievements, both artistically and to establish the ORCW on the place it deserves in the great concert of the European Chamber Ensembles!”

Here is Vahan Mardirossian’s first reaction to his appointment as the musical lead of the ORCW: “Every great journey begins with a first step. I have taken my first steps last May, thanks to Frank Braley’s invitation to perform with the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia. I perfectly remember this meeting with the orchestra; there was all a director could dream of: the desire to play beautiful music, the highly professional approach of the task and, of course, the kindness of the musicians, which allow me to think today that I am going to work with an orchestra of musician friends, artists friends. I am pleased and honoured to be the new Music Director of the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia and I will do my best to pursue the work started by my predecessors on the way to excellence and recognition. May the journey begin!”

The administrative and artistic directions of the ORCW are at your disposal to display in detail the key elements of the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia’s projects for the next five years.

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